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The extraction of valuable components from vegetable materials
requires a succession of mechanical, chemical or biological processing
operations which must meet a twofold target of maximizing process
profitability and minimizing environmental impact.

On the strength of our expertise in the physicochemical transformation of agricultural raw materials, our software applications and services for agroindustry are designed to improve the operational performance, profitability and sustainability of processes:
  • Pre-feasibility studies: full and detailed material balance, production cost estimate, environmental impact assessment
  • Improvement of material yield, product purity, composition
  • Comparison of scenarios: production scale, technological alternative, raw material variability
  • Reduction of power and water consumption
  • Improvement of equipment design
  • Adjustment of equipment operating parameters
  • Improvement of performance measurement and process control

In addition to our service offer, our advanced software applications for biomass characterization, mass balance engineering and process simulation assist you every day to design and optimize biomass processing plants.

Our simulation software USIM PAC Agro is the most advanced and easy to use process simulation software available for biomass processing industries. Indeed, USIM PAC is the only process simulator able to model the whole transformation of harvested biomass, from mechanical pre-treatment to chemical processing. Thanks to its solid material modelling functionalities, USIM PAC is the most powerful process simulator for biomass mechanical, chemical and biological pre-treatment. USIM PAC is also the ideal tool for research and technological centres, for process design or to perform pre-feasibility studies on innovative industrial processes based on renewable raw materials.

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  • Sugar industry
  • Vegetal extraction
  • Biotechnology
  • Starch production and transformation
  • Paper pulp
  • Bio based chemicals

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