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Our world class specialists are at your service
to define the most efficient and cost effective
solutions to your process.

Using their knowledge of industrial processes as well as dedicated software applications and methodologies, our experts assist you at each stage of your project lifecycle:

  • Process development
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies
  • Mass balance, energy balance, CO2 balance
  • Plant design: process and pipework
  • Equipment sizing
  • Plant audit and troubleshooting
  • Plant throughput increase
  • Improvement of product recovery, grade, quality
  • Reduction of operating costs: energy, water, reactants.
  • Reduction of environmental impact

Contact us for your specific case!

Our main assets are:
  • A team of world class consultants
  • A unique combination of competencies in solid sampling, mass balance, process engineering, mathematical modelling and simulation, 3D modelling and pipe flow calculations

Here are some examples of studies that we carry out:
  • Design and optimization of mineral processing plants: comminution, flotation, gravity separation, magnetic separation, washing, hydrometallurgy of precious and base metals
  • Sampling audit and recommendations, sampler selection
  • Technical assistance for metallurgical accounting
  • Mass balance based audit and optimization of waste management facilities
  • Mass balance, energy balance, CO2 balance and process optimization of agro industries: sugar mill, paper pulp, starch manufacture, biochemicals.
  • Technical economical assessment of industrial processes
  • Piping design for the transportation of liquids, gas, two-phases, slurries, non-Newtonian fluids.
  • Dynamic thermal simulation for process or environmentally-conscious architectural design

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