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Sampling error calculator

The efficiency of industrial processes requires to control the quality of the processed material at various stages of material transformation. This presupposes an accurate characterization of the material, which implies to minimize sampling and measurement errors. This can be a complex task when the processed material is composed of heterogeneous solid particles.

Indeed, solid materials such as ores, biomass, soils or waste are generally not uniform because they are composed of solid particles of various sizes, shapes, densities. When sampling such materials, there is inevitably a difference between what is observed on the sample and what would have been observed on the whole material (i.e. the lot). This unavoidable discrepancy introduced by the act of sampling and related to the constitution heterogeneity of the lot corresponds to the fundamental sampling error.

In addition to its acknowledged expertise in solid sampling, Caspeo offers a user-friendly software application to help you to calculate the fundamental sampling error and design reliable sampling protocols for any solid material. Based on Pierre Gy's theory, which is the most accomplished sampling theory to date, ECHANT software is a very practical and valuable fundamental sampling error calculator, widely used in mineral processing as well as waste or biomass characterization.

Key benefits
  • Guarantee the accuracy of your sampling procedures
  • Precise knowledge of the sampling error
  • Improved product quality through better process control
  • Limit the financial or technical risks due to inaccurate measurements

  • Mineral processing: characterization of ores: moisture content, size distribution, mineral or element grade
  • Waste characterization
  • Biomass sampling: composition, pollutant grade
  • Polluted soils

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