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Course: modeling and simulation of biomass and food processing with USIM PAC software

Modeling and simulation of food processing are very challenging tasks regarding the variability and the complexity of materials in the agro industry. Discover an all-in-one engineering software that address the needs of biomass and food processing manufacturers. Go beyond simulation with USIM PAC software!

Perform simulation of complex materials

Food processing and agro industries involve producing a high variety of products. Their common point: the complexity of the materials treated and of the reactions induced. In a context of tight margins, process simulation is becoming a powerful tool to reduce development costs and time-to-market.

Predict, design, size equipment, evaluate costs, increase process efficiency and sustainability… Learn how USIM PAC software allows you to model biomass materials and unit operations to achieve your operational goals. From data reconciliation to mass balance, modeling and simulation, discover this all-in-one engineering toolbox.

Intended audience
  • Process engineers (plants, engineering companies…)
  • R&D engineers
  • Scientists
  • Students
    concerned by process design and optimization of biorefineries and food processes
  • Computing: use of spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel
  • Process: basic notions on main equipment, physical and chemical processes of material from living sources (plants, algae, milk, sea…)
  • General presentation of USIM PAC software
  • Main functions
  • «Guided tour»
  • Modeling of material from living sources
  • Presentation of the main unit operation models for agro industries
Generation of a consistent and detailed mass balance from measured data
  • Principles of data reconciliation by material balance / required data / algorithm
  • Application example: material balance of a pilot operation for plants extraction
Sizing an industrial plant from pilot operation data
  • Main equipment sizing
  • Establishment of predictive mass balancing
  • Investment and operation cost calculation
Existing plant optimization
  • Sensitivity studies
  • Comparison of scenarios
  • Improvement of process performance
  • Discover USIM PAC process simulation software functionalities for design and optimization of agro industries process
  • Establish a data reconciliation by mass balancing method
  • Learn how to size a plant from pilot plant data and optimize an existing one
  • Training is based on documents given to the trainees
  • Using the process simulation software USIM PAC, trainees will apply the theory to solve industrial case studies


  • Approach based on real cases
  • Training in French and English


2 days

Registration fee

1250 € (excl. taxes)


  • March 18-19, 2019 – Orléans (France)
  • November 25-26, 2019 – Orléans (France)

Training a team?

Modeling and simulation of biomass and food processing course is also proposed in intra-company mode.
It can be customized to your needs and your specific problems.

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Customized course

Don’t see the course right for you? We can customize existing programs or develop unique training to incorporate your specific needs.

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