CASPEO DAYS 2024, a conference organizes by CASPEO that paves the way towards Intelligent Mining

CASPEO is proud to announce the launch of CASPEO DAYS 2024, a conference dedicated to exploring the future of mining

Mar 14, 2024 | News

Press release – Orléans (France), March 14th, 2024

CASPEO is thrilled to announce the launch of CASPEO DAYS 2024, a conference dedicated to exploring the future of mining under the theme “On the path towards Intelligent Mining.” The event will be held in Orléans (Loire Valley in France) on May 29-30, 2024.

Explore the pivotal role of data reconciliation

The CASPEO DAYS 2024 conference will be focused on the data quality and how to achieve it.

In fact, bad data is a persistent challenge that can hinder progress towards Intelligent Mining. Inaccuracies in measurements and sampling, inconsistent data sources, errors in data collection, undermine the industry’s ability to optimize operations. By ensuring accuracy, consistency, and integration of diverse data sets, mining companies can unlock valuable insights, and navigate the complexities of the modern mining landscape with confidence.

Stéphane Brochot CASPEO co-managing Director underlines: “The integration of data reconciliation, process simulation, and metallurgical accounting, together with reliable measurement and sampling practices, emerges as a powerful trio to overcome challenges related to data quality and assessment. Embracing these technologies is not only a step towards intelligent mining but also a key driver for sustainable and responsible mining practices.”

CASPEO DAYS 2024 will explore the pivotal role of data reconciliation and give some keys to implement virtuous techniques to a unified and accurate dataset needed for the next steps of digitalization (IA, machine learning…).

Embark on the path towards Intelligent Mining

Through two-day conference discussions and insights, CASPEO DAYS 2024 attendees will have the opportunity to share insights, best practices, and innovative approaches to drive sustainable growth and operational excellence.

“CASPEO DAYS 2024 is addressed to process engineers and metallurgists who are looking to leverage the power of data reconciliation and simulation modeling to improve plant sustainability, operational efficiency and product quality from mine-to-metal.” said Marie-Véronique Durance CASPEO co-managing Director.

Highlights of the CASPEO DAYS 2024 conference include:

  • Insightful keynotes by renowned mining industry experts to gain valuable knowledge on data reconciliation and stay at the forefront of Intelligent Mining innovation
  • Networking opportunities to forge new connections with peers and share insights
  • Showroom area to discover CASPEO software, services and training courses to enhance operations

In addition, CASPEO is excited to announce that this event will also serve as a momentous celebration – marking 20 years of CASPEO’s journey in the mining industry. The team looks forward to combining the spirit of celebration with the forward-looking discussions on building your data framework for the Intelligent Mining.

Early bird registration for CASPEO DAYS 2024 is now open. To learn more and reserve a spot, visit:


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Based in Orléans in the Loire Valley, CASPEO is a French SME created in 2004 by two experts in process engineering and IT, Marie-Véronique Durance and Stéphane Brochot.

Spin-off of BRGM, the French geological survey, the raison d’être of CASPEO was to offer to the mining industry methods and computational tools, fruit of years of research: “Sciences to enhance your resources”. This is how CASPEO became a reference in the mineral processing industry.

Turn operational data into valuable information. CASPEO aims to empower engineers and scientists decision with a unique approach based on material and process modelling. As numerical simulation is often not sufficient to optimize a process, CASPEO proposes to go further with a wide offer, including sampling, data reconciliation, mass balancing, metallurgical accounting and piping network design solutions.

CASPEO serves more than 300 customers among the best-in-class in their markets. The company is active in 60 countries thanks to its software partner network.

CASPEO DAYS 2024 conference: a conference dedicated to the future of mining

CASPEO DAYS 2024 . A conference organized by CASPEO fto drive mining plants on the path towards Intelligent Mining
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