FLUIDFLOW: pipe flow and pressure drop calculator

Accurately design, analyze or troubleshoot any pipe flow system. Reduce the design time of your piping systems by 80%.

FLUIDFLOW is a modular and easy-to-use pressure drop calculator with friction and heat loss calculation capabilities. It is the only pipe flow calculator to manage in a single interface incompressible, compressible, two-phase, slurry and non-Newtonian fluid flows. With FLUIDFLOW, specify pipe flow system at a whole rather than only optimize it equipment by equipment.

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Accelerate piping design with a pipe flow calculator

Whatever the complexity of your fluid flow networks, FLUIDFLOW performs accurate friction loss calculations and automatically sizes your equipment

With FLUIDFLOW, generate your calculation reports automatically.

FLUIDFLOW is the only pipe flow software that allows pressure drop calculations for incompressible, compressible, two-phase, slurry and non-Newtonian fluids.

Choose the module related to your activity and pay only for what you need. FLUIDFLOW, a modular pressure drop calculator.

Automatic pipe and equipment sizing

Single and modular interface

Automatic and customized report generation in Excel, Word or pdf

Hydraulic, aeraulic and heat transfer calculations

PCF (Piping Component Files) files import

Pressure drop calculation including non-Newtonian fluids

Solve any pipe flow calculation

  • Compute pressure, flow, velocity, temperature at any point in your piping system
  • Automatically size any type of pipe and equipment : centrifugal or positive displacement pumps, ducts, control valves, fans, compressors, orifice plates, nozzles, relief devices (ISO & API)…
  • Plot pump head curves, system curve, duty point, network energy and hydraulic grade lines
  • Combine head curves for multiple pumps, flow pattern maps for two-phase flows, deposition velocity curves…
  • Identify cause of operational issues and energy saving opportunities
  • Evaluate vendor equipment performance
  • Conduct heat transfer analysis for pipes, fittings, ducts
  • Automatically detect choked flow conditions
  • Evaluate NPSHa versus NPSHr, adiabatic compression at boosters, variable speed pump control…
  • Predict likelihood of pipe blockage, particle deposition velocities, ….
Two phase fluid flow calculation with FLUIDFLOW pipe pressure drop calculator

Calculate ANY fluid pressure drop in pipe 

FLUIDFLOW is the only pipe flow software able to calculate any type of fluid or mixture in a single interface.

FLUIDFLOW calculates:

  • pressures, flows, temperatures, heat transfers,
  • linear and singular pipe pressure losses, fluid velocity at any point of the system for both single and two-phase flows.

FLUIDFLOW calculation options are based on the most universally acknowledged fluid mechanics principles and equations: Reynolds number, Bernoulli, Darcy Weisbach equations, Moody diagram, Hazen Williams, Duxbury, Wilson Addie Selgren and Clift…

The results generated by our pipe flow calculator are rigorously tested and verified on a continuous basis.


FLUIDFLOW pipe sizer and pressure drop calculator
FLUIDFLOW  pipe pressure drop calculator for incompressible flow

Incompressible flow

FLUIDFLOW  pipe pressure drop calculator for compressible flow

Compressible flow

FLUIDFLOW  pipe pressure drop calculator for two-phase flow

Two-phase flow

FLUIDFLOW  pipe pressure drop calculator for non-newtonian fluid and slurries

Non-Newtonian fluid & slurries

FLUIDFLOW  pipe pressure drop calculator for thermal energy transfer

Thermal energy transfer

A pipe flow and pressure drop calculator

trusted for +30 years by 1000 companies worldwide

Design of non newtonian pipe network with FLUIDFLOW pipe sizer
Design of incompressible fluid pipe network with FLUIDFLOW pipe sizer

Ease piping network design with a pipe pressure drop calculator

  • Automatic equipment sizing

Accelerate your design process with automatic equipment sizing capabilities to API & ISO standards.

  • Automatic fluid phase state detection

FLUIDFLOW is the only pipe sizer to design both single and two-phase fluid systems. It automatically detects fluid phase changes within a piping network.

  • Dynamic analysis and scripting

FLUIDFLOW allows you to simulate changing conditions of your piping systems thanks to “what-if” scenarios.

  • PCF file import

FLUIDFLOW supports the import of Piping Component Files (PCF), providing interoperability with major CAD software.

Simulate pressure drops directly from isometric drawings.

With FLUIDFLOW, you make reliable piping analysis and design in less time.

A pipe pressure calculator with integrated fluids and equipment database

FLUIDFLOW software is provided with an integrated database :

  • A database including over 1200 fluids, fully defined in all phase states
  • Equipment: 800 pumps, 500 valves, …

 Don’t find what you need, you can add your own data.

With FLUIDFLOW, no need to enter manually fluid and equipment characteristics anymore. Less error, time saving, FLUIDFLOW ensures precision and efficiency in your pipe sizing projects.

Engineer measuring pressure in pipe
Pressure drop in a closed loop system overview with FLUIDFLOW

User-friendly pipe flow software

  • A single interface to design piping system

  • Easy-to-use, graphical interface for new and experienced users

  • Two-way communication with Excel

  • Fully customized reports in pdf, html or Word format

  • Better communication and collaboration

With FLUIDFLOW, share your calculation files and reports with customers or colleagues.

Still using spreadsheet? Speed up your process design and solve any pipe flow problem with our all-in-one pressure drop calculation software, FLUIDFLOW.

With FLUIDFLOW, we can now model complex systems with multiple connections, which was very tricky with the methods used so far. We appreciate the clarity of the error report, which facilitates the realization of design studies. Without hesitation, we would recommend FLUIDFLOW to all engineers. Because of the ease of use of the tool, we have not used technical support so far…

SENTEC ING., French engineering office

Pipelines are everywhere

FLUIDFLOW is used extensively by small or big engineering offices, EPC and any industrial plants: building services (HVAC -Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning, refrigeration, fire safety…), architectural, mineral processing, oil and gas, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, aeronautics and marine, food and beverage processing, waste and waste water treatment…

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