Consulting in process engineering

A process to design or revamp? A fluid network to size or optimize? CASPEO also offers independent consulting in process engineering.

Our consultancy services range from audits to technical studies, project-based and R&D consulting. We combine our expertise of industrial processes with our software and methodologies to propose the most efficient and cost-effective solutions. 

Dealing with complex raw materials in mineral processing, agroindustry, waste treatment and others? Our consultants are used to find innovative solutions to complex technical problems. Sure we can help you.

Turn your project into commercial success with our consulting services

Build a new plant or pilot plant, develop a new process or a new piping system, improve existing ones? We propose you expertise in process engineering at every stage of your process life-cycle

With CASPEO, benefit from independent and experienced consultants.  Our experts are at your service to analyze, design and optimize your process and your pipe network across a wide range of industries and applications.

We are closely working with you from start to finish to make your project a reality.  Be confident, our team has successfully completed many engineering projects worldwide.


Optimize your plant thanks to our unique modeling approach

Our team of experts drives the performance improvement of your plant and adapts it to new constraints or operating conditions.

Associating sciences and industrial pragmatism, we take advantage of our process simulation software. We use modeling and simulation to improve efficiency and profitability of your process.

  • Enhance material yields and product quality

  • Tune operating parameters

  • Optimize energy

  • Reduce the environmental impact

CASPEO process engineers optimizing a plant with simulation software

Accelerate process and piping networks design with our consultants

Beyond our calculation tools like USIM PAC or FLUIDFLOW, CASPEO proposes consultancy services to help you to achieve the best plant design.

Prefeasability design studies

Equipment sizing

Sensitivity analysis

Pipe networks design

Technical and economic studies

Model-based unit operations development

Improve technical and operational knowledge thanks to plant audits

CASPEO carries out plant reviews to validate the process operations in the fields of mineral, waste and agro-resources treatment.

CASPEO process plant audit by our engineering consultants
  • Plant visits

  • Analysis of pilot test results

  • Process performance assessment through
      material balance

  • Metallurgical balance review

Provide more valuable data thanks to our sampling and measurement expertise

Understanding and analyzing most phenomena generally necessitate reliable data acquisition. Based on sampling and characterization competencies, CASPEO helps you in the definition or analysis of your measurement system.

Sampling plans

Overall sampling audits (plan, procedures, systems)

Sampling campaigns

Overall measurement error determination and uncertainty budget

Sampling and measurement procedures

Fundamental Sampling Error calculation

In the mineral or metallurgical industry?

Implement accurate metallurgical accounting system or revamp it

Metal accounting is a component of the general enterprise accounting. It constitutes a powerful tool to manage metal producing companies at its different stages: mine and mill, concentrator, smelter, hydrometallurgical plant, refinery, or combination of these stages.

It is the bridge between the technical and the financial point of views of the process. The process data generated to manage the production performances are used for valuation of the products and stocks into financial data.

CASPEO proposes the only metallurgical accounting solution on the market coupling software and services. We provide consultancy to help the company in all aspects of the implementation.


CASPEO process engineering consulting for metallurgical accounting
  • Complete on-site review: documentation, 
      sampling procedures, measurement

  • Metal balances calculation

  • Metallurgical accounting system

  • Training

Software associated to
our consulting services in process engineering


Process modeling and simulation software


Metallurgical accounting


Data reconciliation by mass balance software




pressure drop calculator

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