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Engineers and scientists: we help you to increase process efficiency, profitability and sustainability with our process simulation software and services. We empower your decision with a unique approach based on material and process modeling.

With CASPEO, solve your engineering problems beyond process simulation. As numerical simulation is often not sufficient to optimize a process, CASPEO proposes to go further with a wide offer, including sampling, data reconciliation, mass balancing, metallurgical accounting and piping network design software and services. CASPEO, a team of experts at the service of your process design and optimization.

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CASPEO provides process simulation software and services worldwide to processing plants, engineering offices, R&D centers and universities working with all types of complex materials like solids and mixtures.

  • Better, faster, safer

Our process optimization software enable you to accelerate process development, make the best decision and increase plant performance and sustainability. Our process consulting experts assist you to minimize costs and optimize your process at every stage of the process life-cycle.

  • A unique approach

We model both material and unit operations.

To define the most effective and efficient solution, we are not just applying process modeling and simulation. We use a combination of different methods from sampling to data reconciliation, mass balancing and equipment sizing.

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Empower decision with simulation tools 

at every stage of the process life-cycle

Audit & analyze

process, yields and inventory

Design & scale-up

pilot-plant or processing plant


measurement and sampling systems


processes and materials

Design and optimize better, faster, safer 

with our simulation software


CASPEO’s process simulators and calculators help you to faster understand your process, find the best design and minimize risks. Our simulation tools allow to solve complex issues rendering them easier to visualize, analyze and explain.

Discover our process engineering software packages. Sure, you will forget empirical approach and love to make data-driven decision.


Process modeling and simulation software


Metallurgical accounting


Data reconciliation by mass balance software




pressure drop calculator

We propose services, not only process modeling and simulation software!


To ensure the success of your engineering project, CASPEO proposes a suite of training and consulting options depending the degree of autonomous you wish to keep and your working framework.


No in-house expert, no time to invest in a simulation tool?

Our process engineering team will take in charge your project.

Technical assistance

Have access to a dedicated expert.

An engineer will assist you to develop your model, resolve issues…

Engineering courses

You buy or plan to buy a process simulator?

Be trained to get the most out of your tool and develop your skills.

Achieve your goals with our process consulting services

We help you to find the most cost-effective process design and improve the performance and the energy efficiency of your process plant.

  • Combine expertise in sciences and engineering

In addition to its process simulation tools, CASPEO proposes associated expertise to answer industrial, engineering and R&D needs.

Our consultants are at your service to analyze, design and optimize your process and your pipe network across a wide range of industries and applications.

  • A full range of consulting services

Whether you’re building a new unit or plant, or just want to revamp and optimize an existing one, we have a solution: feasibility and technical studies, plant audits, R&D consulting…

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Spin-off of BRGM, the French Geological survey, CASPEO began as process simulation software publisher in the mining industry. Based on our experience with solids, we have broaden our offer to any process industry dealing with complex or variable raw materials.

Process simulation for mineral and metallurgical processing industry

Mineral & metallurgical processing industry

Process simulation for solid waste treatment

Solid waste treatment

Process simulation for biomass and food processing industry

Biomass & food processing industry

Other industries & engineering offices

Process simulation for other industries & engineering offices

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CASPEO process simulation software and services

CASPEO provides trusted process design and optimization services and simulation software to engineers dealing with solids and all types of raw materials. With CASPEO, go beyond process simulation.

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