BILCO: data reconciliation by mass balance software

Get an accurate picture of your processing plant. Enhance data accuracy. Analyze process and detect bottlenecks.

BILCO is a data reconciliation by mass balance software addressed to any material processing industry. BILCO allows you to describe accurately materials and conservation laws. BILCO is one of the few software to automatically derive an overall material balance of processing plants. With BILCO, increase the quality of measured data, estimate unmeasured values and detect gross errors.

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BILCO is a data reconciliation software to derive a coherent and total material balance from all the available data (measurements, analyses, estimates) for all the process streams.

BILCO is a module embedded to our process simulator, USIM PAC and to our metallurgical accounting software, INVENTEO.

Simple flowsheet drawing

Integrated software (Excel, historians...)

Multi-mass balance capabilities

Configurable balance models

Automatic material balance calculation

With BILCO, perform mass balance quickly

Get a clear view of your whole process

Better estimate of process yields

Optimize your process more accurately

Identify bottlenecks

Obtain more reliable KPIs for process performance follow-up

Assess environmental parameters (water consumption, effluent production…)

Reconciliate data of ANY processing plant

BILCO provides accurate balance calculations:

  • a set of coherent estimators compliant with the material law constraints,
  • their relative errors.

BILCO determines in quantity and quality the composition of each process stream.

BILCO is one of the few mass balance software to compute all stream composition (flowrates, size classes, particles types, molar mass…) in a single calculation.

With BILCO, you get a complete material balance, i.e. balance equations for mass or moles for all the streams. The accuracy of your entire data set is improved, and the missing data are estimated. You are then ready for the next step, modeling and simulation of your process.

BILCO software - Waste processing plant mass balancing screenshot
BILCO software - Hydrometallurgy processing plant mass balancing flowsheet

Solve many complex process engineering problems

  • Analyze complex flowsheets in process engineering: mineral
    or food processing plants, biorefineries, chemical or
    petrochemical plants, metallurgy
  • Calculate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of a plant
  • Validate measured data before process simulation,
  • Define sampling strategies
  • Control quality
  • Manage municipal or industrial waste and sewage treatment
  • Investigate and monitor problems of pollution
  • Conduct chemical analysis (fitting up to 100% and estimating
    accuracy of analysis) and mineralogy (fitting with chemistry)
  • Identify failing measuring instruments
  • Minimize water consumption in a mineral circuit
BILCO software - data reconciliation screenshot

Accelerate data reconciliation process


  • Configurable material models

Number of description criteria and classes, number of phases, solid/liquid or liquid/gas systems

  • Configurable material conservation laws for each unit operation

Solid, liquid, slurry mass flow rates, phase transfers, chemical reaction…

  • Automatic correction of measurement

User-friendly interface and reporting

  • A single interface to mass balance your process at a whole


  • Easy-to-use, graphical interface for new and experienced users


  • Possibility to export results in Excel


  • Detailed results, comparison sheet, global sheet

Still dealing with unbalanced data in spreadsheet? Speed up reconciliation step and solve any problem due to measurement errors with our mass balancing software, BILCO.

BILCO software - mass balancing screenshot

Everywhere there are networks with flows and transformations

BILCO offers an interactive, quick and accurate way of solving material balance problems in a vast number of applications. In just minutes, BILCO provides solutions for complex flowsheet problems in mineral and biomass processing plants. Data reconciliation by mass balancing is also widely used by environmental engineers for urban or industrial waste management, water distribution pipe network and pollution balances.

BILCO - Mass balance mineral processing
BILCO mass balance software for biomass processing
BILCO software mass balancing of a waste processing plant

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