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Our world class specialists are at your service to define the most efficient and cost effective solutions to your process whatever your sector is. Expert in solid processes, we have broaden our expertise to any raw material difficult to characterize. We also propose our knowledge for pipe networks design. Today, we serve nuclear, utilities, biotechnical, chemical and other industries and engineering offices. 




Your challenges

    Improve performance, take better decision and maximize efficiency

    Increase throughput

    Improve equipment design

    Increase Key Parameter Indicators (KPI) reliability

    Minimize consumption and waste

    Adjust equipment operating parameters

    Enhance process control

    Our solutions

    Lead your projects to success

    with consulting services and process simulators 

    Using their knowledge of industrial processes as well as dedicated software applications and methodologies, our experts assist you at each stage of your project lifecycle.

    • Consulting services

    • Plant audit and troubleshooting
    • Plant throughput increase
    • Improvement of product quality
    • Reduction of operating      costs: energy, water, reactants…
    • Reduction of environmental impact
    • Process development
    • Technical and economic feasibility studies
    • Mass balance and energy balance
    • Plant design: process and
    • Equipment sizing

    Know more about our consulting services

    • Computer-aided process engineering software


    Process modeling and simulation software


    Data reconciliation by mass balance software




    Pipe pressure drop calculator

    Our expertise

    Solid sampling, mass balance, process engineering, mathematical modeling and simulation, pipe flow calculation

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    CASPEO provides trusted process design and optimization services and simulation software to engineers dealing with solids and all types of raw materials. With CASPEO, go beyond process simulation.

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