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Solve sampling problems in a vast number of applications. Define efficient sampling strategies. Better monitor your process.

Measurement errors arise from two main sources : analytical error and sampling error. Sampling error is a major focus when dealing with solid materials. It results mainly from the heterogeneity of the material to sample and the difficulty in collecting a representative sample. ECHANT is an all-in-one sampling calculator. It calculates both the sampling mass and the sampling error.

Finally a complete tool to design solids sampling plan!



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Develop optimal sampling plan


ECHANT is a sampling calculator helping you to design reliable sampling protocols for any solid material and calculate the Fundamental Sampling Error (FSE). ECHANT is based on the theory of sampling (TOS) developed by Pierre Gy.

Used in correlation with BILCO software data reconciliation by mass balancing, ECHANT will assist you to get the most reliable data on the material studied before any decision making (sale of material, quality audit, process design, optimization…).

In addition to ECHANT software, CASPEO could audit or develop for you sampling protocols and samples preparation procedures.

Sampling nomogram with ECHANT software

All-in-one sampling calculator

Fine characterization of the material batch

Step-by-step sampling plan design and error calculation

Embedded scenarios for various applications

Plot of the FSE variation versus the sample mass

Soil sampling campaign by CASPEO

ECHANT is dedicated to sample


  • Ores in mineral processing to measure size distribution, mineral or chemical content (gold, silver, copper,…), moisture content
  • Industrial waste to determine grades of pollutants (solvents, cyanides, nitrites…)
  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) to analyze composition, moisture content…
  • Soils to define size distribution, moisture content
  • Polluted soil to determine contamination levels (hydrocarbons, mineral oils,…)
  • Food, feed (wood, grains, oilseeds…) to study composition, concentration of pesticide, fungicide and herbicide residues…

With ECHANT, develop best-practice in sampling

Precise knowledge of the sampling error

Guarantee sampling procedures accuracy

Representative samples

Key step for data reconciliation

Improve product quality

Key step for risk assessment

Deliver reliable data for decision-making

ECHANT enables to calculate the Fundamental Sampling Error (FSE) for a given mass and vice versa.

  • Design a sampling plan by setting limits for FSE

Calculate a sample size, i.e. estimate the minimum mass of sample needed to achieve a specific fundamental sampling error.

  • Calculate the fundamental sampling error of a proposed sampling plan

Calculate a margin of error, i.e. estimate the maximum sampling error for a given mass of sample.

ECHANT calculator for sampling ore

Fundamental Sampling Error (FSE), the main indicator for quality of samples

ECHANT software to determine pollutant grade in a batch soil polluted

Derive accurate mass and metallurgical balances

The heterogeneity is the main source of sampling errors when dealing with solids and complex mixtures like ores, waste, biomass. It affects the quantities of material required for reliable sampling.

  • Characterize the physical properties of the material sampled

ECHANT estimates one contribution of the uncertainty arising from your material own characteristics, called the Fundamental Sampling Error (FSE). With ECHANT, study different parameters: content, concentration, moisture, particle size distribution…

If values are unknown, ECHANT estimates them from other known parameters and adjust the calculations.

  • Monitor the performance of your process

More and more regarded as an important quality indicator, sampling error calculation will help you to increase value through sampling best-practice

  • Technical and financial risk assessment

The feasibility of a project is based on measurements performed on samples. The technical and financial risk is directly linked to the measurement error. Improving sampling helps to reduce the risk.

 Design samping plan easily

  • All-in-one sampling calculator

With ECHANT, you don’t need to juggle with several interfaces to calculate either the margin error or the sample size. 

  • Pre-established scenarios of sampling studies

ECHANT aids at every step of the process for calculation of the sampling error and the sample size. 

It guides you through various material examples illustrating the diversity of heterogeneity description.

  • A graphical interface to derive “ What-If ” scenarios

ECHANT package offers graphics to follow the FSE variation versus the sample mass allowing to derive sensitivity studies. 

Still using an empirical approach? Speed up the measurement of uncertainty with our sampling calculator, ECHANT.

ECHANT calculator used during a waste sampling campaign

Sample heterogeneous materials of varying types

ECHANT software is a very practical and valuable sampling error calculator widely used in mineral processing. Originally developed for ores and concentrates, it is applicable to solve sampling problems of solids and mixtures of solids (particles, aggregates, two-phase) in various industries, including metallurgy, waste, food and biomass, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, environmental, geology, amongst others.


ECHANT sampling calculator for mineral and metallurgy processing
Sampling protocols for feed and food
Sampling protocols for waste treatment
Sampling error calculation in pharmaceutical and cosmetics
Soil sampling - Sample size determination

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