Mineral and metallurgical processing industry

From ore characterization and processing to metallurgical accounting, our solutions allow mineral and metallurgical processing industry to save copious part of their capital and operating expenditure. 




Your challenges

    Improve the operational performance, profitability and sustainability of mineral and metallurgical processing companies

    Maximize ore throughput, quality, recovery

    Improve equipment design

    Increase Key Parameter Indicators (KPI) reliability

    Reduce power consumption

    Adjust equipment operating parameters

    Enhance process control

    Our solutions

    Design and optimize the mine-to-market process

    Our advanced software applications for ore characterization, mass balance engineering and mineral processing simulation assist you every day to increase profitability and efficiency.

    In particular, our process simulator USIM PAC offers the advantage of modeling and simulation in a single tool for the whole transformation of ore: comminution, classification, heavy medium separation, gravity and magnetic separation, flotation, solid/liquid separation, hydrometallurgy.

    Our software BILCO for data reconciliation by mass balance as well as our metallurgical accounting software solution INVENTEO are based on the most advanced data reconciliation algorithm on the market. The robustness and efficiency of our tools have been validated by the largest multinational mining companies.


    Process modeling and simulation software


    Metallurgical accounting


    Data reconciliation by mass balance software




    pressure drop calculator

    Our expertise

    Ore sampling and mineral processing


    Our experts are at your service to help you getting the most out of your resources, whatever your application field in the mineral processing industry. 

    Base metals

    Copper, lead, zinc, nickel

    Precious metals

    Gold, silver, PGL (Platinum Group Metals)…

    Iron ore


    Coal, uranium

    Industrial minerals

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