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Solid waste treatment

We support you from waste characterization to the definition of the most suitable solid waste treatment schemes (processing, sorting and recycling). Need to optimize the performance of your household and industrial waste facilities? We endeavour to adapt the process to your specific needs.




Your challenges

    Maximize the performance of solid waste facilities

    and reduce the environmental impact

    Increase operating efficiency

    Improve equipment design

    Adjust equipment parameters

    Reduce energy consumption

    Maximize the level of waste recycling

    Enhance process control

    Our solutions

    Assess, optimize, adapt your process

    Our expertise in solid sampling, material balance engineering and process design and optimization, as well as our powerful process analysis software tools are our main assets to offer a comprehensive range of services.

    • Consulting services for waste treatment process

    Waste treatment facilities audit

    • Implementation of sampling campaigns and waste characterization at various stages of the process
    • Comprehensive and precise mass balances
    • Assessment of process performance and optimal operating conditions
    • Evaluation of operating and capital expenditures

    Optimization and adaptation of new waste treatment processes

    • New equipment testing
    • New configurations testing
    • Process modelling and simulation to establish predictive mass balances and to set the optimal operating conditions•
    • Cost evaluation
    • Engineering and process simulation software


    Process modeling and simulation software


    Data reconciliation by mass balance software




    Pipe pressure drop calculator

    Our expertise

    Solid waste characterization and process optimization 

    Waste & treatment

    Household waste

    • Municipal solid waste (MSW)
    • Selective waste collections
    • Biowaste


    • WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment)
    • PCB (Plastic and printed circuit boards)

    End-of-life vehicles (ELVs)

    • Auto shredder residues (ASR) from end-of-life vehicles
    • End-of-Life Tyres

    Other waste

    • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
    • Industrial waste
    • Hazardous waste

    Biological treatment of waste

    • Composting
    • Anaerobic digestion

    Wasting sorting facilities

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    CASPEO provides trusted process design and optimization services and simulation software to engineers dealing with solids and all types of raw materials. With CASPEO, go beyond process simulation.

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