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Reduce financial risks. Ensure compliance. Improve reporting.

Metal accounting is essential for corporate governance of metallurgical and mining companies. INVENTEO is an integrated metallurgical accounting software compliant with P754 AMIRA code. It enables to manage the metal accounting full lifecycle: from sampling to measurement, data collection, data reconciliation and reporting.  INVENTEO is more than just a metallurgy software. INVENTEO is the only packaged solution delivering in addition full audits, implementation, procedures and training courses. 

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Get a single and accurate view of your plant with a metal accounting system


INVENTEO is a complete and reliable metallurgical accounting solution including an integrated software and a set of consulting, training and project management services.

From plant data acquisition to financial reporting, INVENTEO software automatically collects plant data for reconciliation, mass balancing and reporting. It delivers metallurgical and metal balances for all the streams, metallurgical inventories and work-in-process qualitative and quantitative material evaluations.

Its implementation requires only configuration and no specific development. A shorter implementation project with less time for bug correction… Dream it!

Full on-site plant audit

Process, operating data, sampling and measurement systems

Integrated software

Automatic data management and  reconciliation, metal balance

Automated reporting

Metallurgical and metal balances, inventories evaluations

Documented system

Traceable and secured, P754 AMIRA code compliant

Team training & mentoring

Metal accounting principles and INVENTEO software

Metal accounting is not just about a software 

You will not implement a reliable system just by integrating a standard metallurgical accounting software into the workflow of your organization.

The accuracy of a metallurgical balance is mainly based on the level of confidence of the measurements. A software alone will not solve the issues arising from measurements, sampling, data management

INVENTEO is the only packaged solution for mine to product accounting including people, process and software.

Schema metallurgical accounting solution INVENTEO

With INVENTEO, benefit of an on-going process to maximize profits

Enhance corporate governance and decision making

Optimize overall plant efficiency and profitability from mine-to-product

Improve process: recovery, stocks, losses, emissions…

Improve auditability and transparency of metal accounting and reporting

Minimize risks linked to custody transfer 

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Metallurgical balance in INVENTEO software

Metallurgical accounting is more than mass balancing

Implementing a software that performs data reconciliation is mandatory for metallurgical accounting. Beyond mass balancing, the accuracy and relevancy of raw data must be verified.

  • Reduce measurements errors

Following P754 AMIRA code, the starting point of an accurate metal accounting is to get representative samples and correct measurements. 

CASPEO helps you to improve the quality of raw data before reconciliation through:
– a full audit of your measurement system: sampling, measurement, analysis and historical data
– the calculation of measurement errors based, not on basic statistics, but on the GUM (Guide to the expression of Uncertainty in Measurement) and Pierre Gy’s sampling theory.

  • Derive a material balance from all the available data

The plus of INVENTEO software is data reconciliation by material balancing.

It reconciles inputs, outputs and changes in stock levels over a period or batch treatment.

INVENTEO considers measurement and sampling errors associated with all material flows in the plant: products, raw materials, utilities, reagent and effluents.

Ensure compliance to AMIRA with INVENTEO metal accounting software

Discover how INVENTEO could help you to implement a reliable and efficient metallurgical accounting following AMIRA code principles.  INVENTEO is the only packaged solution delivering software, full audits, consulting and training services. 

An automated representation of your metallurgical plant

INVENTEO can be embedded into your existing management and supervision systems (SCADA, Historians, LIMS…). It fetches material movements and assays data from them.

Your data are automatically imported and organized through a plant flowsheet showing streams, processing units and inventories (stocks, WIP).

Full data traceability and transparency is ensured from acquisition to reporting.

INVENTEO metal accounting system: exemple of a yearly production dashboard

Need to gain skills on metallurgical accounting?

If you want to learn methods to improve the accuracy of your metal balances and how to implement a metallurgical accounting system, this course is for your. A 100% online course by experts to start learning whenever and wherever you are!

Deliver comprehensive, timely and reliable reports with a metal accounting tool

With INVENTEO, deliver customized information for financial and production reporting cycles:

– metallurgical accounting and metal balances,
– metal inventories,
– qualitative and quantitative evaluation of In-process material.

  • Configure your own metallurgical balances

INVENTEO allows the storage and comparison of multiple types of reconciliation based on different datasets and requirements, e.g. provisional, actual, outturn.

It also enables reconciliation based on user defined time periods (shift, day, week, month, year, etc.) or process batches for either the entire process or sections.

  • An automatic system of reporting

Final reports can be automatically generated in spreadsheets, then configurated in tables, graphs and reports tailored to your reporting uses and users. It could also be directly exported into other management information systems.

Metal balance report in INVENTEO metallurgical accounting software

A production accounting tool for mines, concentrators, smelters and refineries

INVENTEO metallurgical accounting software is designed for any processing ore and metals processing: mine, mineral processing, pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy.

INVENTEO is working for all base or precious metals such as iron, copper, zinc, lead, cobalt, gold, silver…

INVENTEO metallurgical accounting software for mineral processing
INVENTEO metallurgical accounting software for copper smelter
INVENTEO metallurgical accounting software for hydrometallurgy
INVENTEO metallurgical accounting software for metallurgical plant

From compliance to P754 AMIRA code to continuous improvement

INVENTEO enables you to implement not just a metallurgical accounting system compliant with P754 AMIRA code, but an operational management system for metal and plant monitoring: mine-to-mill reconciliation and inventory management.

With INVENTEO, you will establish a continuous improvement process to achieve operational excellence and perform better. Thus, INVENTEO is an evolutive solution allowing your team to adjust the configuration by themselves.

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