Biomass and food processing industry

On the strength of our expertise in the physicochemical transformation of agricultural raw materials, our software applications and services for biomass and food processing industry are designed to improve the operational performance, profitability and sustainability of processes.





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    Ensure maximum performance, profitability and sustainability

    Improve material yield, product purity, composition

    Size equipment

    Minimize wastes, power and water consumption

    Adjust equipment operating parameters

    Our solutions

    Develop innovative and efficient biorefining solutions

    CASPEO helps you to gain time in the design of biomass processing plants. We propose you pre-feasibility studies based on labs or pilot plants results: full and detailed material balance, production cost estimate, environmental impact assessment.

    Our engineers assist also you to find the best scenario regarding production scale, technological alternative and raw material variability. 

    Our consulting services rely on our advanced software applications for mass balance engineering and process simulation. 

    USIM PAC is the most advanced and easy to use process simulation software available for biomass processing industries. Indeed, USIM PAC is the only process simulator able to model the whole transformation of harvested biomass, from mechanical pre-treatment to chemical processing. Thanks to its solid material modeling functionalities, USIM PAC is particularly suitable for biomass mechanical, chemical and biological pre-treatment.

    USIM PAC is the ideal tool for research and technological centres working on innovative industrial processes based on renewable raw materials.


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    Data reconciliation by mass balance software




    Pipe pressure drop calculator

    Our expertise

    Raw materials processing


    Our experts are at your service to help you get the most out of your materials, whatever your application field (biomass, bio-based products…).

    CASPEO solutions for sugar processing industry


    CASPEO solutions for dairy processing industry


    CASPEO solutions for paper pulp processing industry

    Pulp & paper

    CASPEO solutions for cereals processing industry


    CASPEO solutions for fruit and vegetables processing industry

    Fruit & vegetables

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    CASPEO process simulation software and services

    CASPEO provides trusted process design and optimization services and simulation software to engineers dealing with solids and all types of raw materials. With CASPEO, go beyond process simulation.

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