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Our most valuable asset are our employees. CASPEO’s process engineer team has a long experience in the mathematical modeling of industrial unit operations including physical, chemical, thermal as well as biological processes. Nearly all have a double competence in process and IT. 

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Stéphane Brochot

Stéphane Brochot, PhD.  Co-Director CASPEO

Stéphane obtained his doctorate (PhD) in physics from the University of Orléans-Tours in 1990 and completed his education with a master in mathematical engineering and computer processing techniques. He joined BRGM in 1991 as the head of the software development team, pursuing research in process modelling and algorithmic.

Since 2004, as one of the co-managing directors, Stéphane has been the scientific and technical manager of CASPEO. He is in charge of the R&D activity of the company. He is one of the INVENTEO inventors. Then, Stéphane is an expert in sampling and measurement error.

Marie-Véronique Durance

Marie-Véronique Durance  Co-Director CASPEO

Marie-Véronique DURANCE is graduated from the National Engineering School of Geology (Nancy-France) and from the Business Administration Institute (Nantes-France). Between 1991 and 2004 she worked for BRGM, the French Geological Survey, successively as Research engineer, Project Engineer and International Project manager, specialized in process modelling and simulation. 

In 2004, with Dr Stephane Brochot, she founded Caspeo, a spin-off of BRGM. Besides the general management of the Company, Marie-Véronique DURANCE, as technical sales manager, is in charge of market development in the mineral industry and its extension to new fields of divided solids industry, such as biomass, waste and chemical industries.  Still managing technical projects, she is involved in plant optimization and implementation of metallurgical accounting systems.


manuel gonzalez caspeo

Manuel González Fernández, PhD. Process engineer

Graduate from the Oviedo Mining School (Spain, 2011), he completed his education with a Master of Science in Quality and Environmental Management at the Official College of Mining Engineers of North West Spain (2012).

In 2012, he joins CASPEO as process engineer. In 2014, he contributes to the foundation of CASPEO Chile. He is now involved in plant design and optimisation projects and in the implementation of metallurgical accounting systems. He has animated several courses about process engineering (simulation, material balance,…).

Philippe Wavrer

Philippe Wavrer, PhD.  Process engineer

Graduated from the University of Nancy (France), Philippe defends a PhD thesis in 1996 about the adaptation of Pierre Gy’s theory of sampling to waste and contaminated soils. Engineer then Project manager during 20 years at BRGM, the French Geological Survey, he was specialized in the characterization and treatment of domestic and industrial waste , as well as in the material balances of  waste treatment plants. Meanwhile, he has also animated training sessions or university courses about sampling.

Philippe joined CASPEO in September 2014 and is involved in plant optimisation, in implementation of metallurgical accounting systems and in measurement and sampling system audit.

Etienne Braak

Etienne Braak, PhD.  Process and software engineer

Etienne graduated from engineering school Ecole Centrale de Lyon in 2008 and completed his education with a doctorate (PhD) in process engineering from National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse (obtained in 2012). He developed a double skill process/software engineering: he worked 2 years as a research engineer at IRSTEA (Rennes, France) and 2 years as software developer at Sopra-Steria (Nantes, France).

In early 2018, he joins CASPEO as process engineer. He is involved in software development and research projects and contributes to INVENTEO projects.

Aziz Hadiouche

Aziz Hadiouche Process and software engineer

After four years at the Ecole Nationale Polytechnique in Algeria, Aziz obtained a master’s degree in process engineering from Aix-Marseille University in 2022.

Possessing skills in process optimization, software development and project management with a strong problem-solving acumen, he reinforces the team on all projects and is in charge of the CASPEO software support.

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Christelle Michel

Christelle Michel

Administrative Manager

vanessa legrand caspeo

Vanessa Legrand

Marketing & Communication Manager

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