CASPEO an engineering company in the field of mineral processing celebrates its 20 years

CASPEO celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2024

Feb 22, 2024 | News

This year, CASPEO is celebrating its 20th anniversary, marking two incredible decades of innovation, growth, and success in the mining industry. A celebration marked by a conference “On the path towards Intelligent Mining”.

Celebrating 20 years of innovations in mineral processing analysis

From our humble beginnings as BRGM’s spin-off (French National Geological Survey) to what we are today, CASPEO has been at the forefront of shaping the landscape of mineral processing analysis  through an intensive activity in R&D for solids sampling, modelling and simulation, and metallurgical accounting.

 Our success is a shared achievement, made possible by the dedication of our talented team, the trust of our valued clients, and the collaboration with our esteemed partners. Thank you for being an integral part of the CASPEO story. Here’s to 20 years of excellence in mineral processing and to the exciting chapters yet to unfold.

In the spirit of this celebration, we are excited to announce the launch of new offers and the organization of a special event that will mark this momentous occasion. Just as we did on our 10th anniversary, we are hosting a conference, the CASPEO DAYS 2024, that promises to be both insightful and inspiring.

CASPEO DAYS 2024 conference – On the path towards Intelligent Mining 

In the mining industry, confronting bad data is a persistent challenge. Inaccurate measurements and sampling, inconsistent data formats, and errors in data collection are common issues that can hinder progress towards Intelligent Mining. The integration of data reconciliation, process simulation, and metallurgical accounting emerges as a powerful trio to overcome these challenges.

We are thrilled to invite members of the international mineral processing and metallurgy communities to our conference, CASPEO DAYS 2024 “On the Path Towards Intelligent Mining”. Our two-day conference will explore the pivotal role of data reconciliation, ensuring a unified and accurate dataset that forms the bedrock of decision-making and paves the way for Intelligent Mining.

The CASPEO DAYS 2024 will be held in Orléans (France) on 29-30 May 2024. The language of presentation will be English.

Agenda Highlights

  • Insightful keynotes: engage with industry experts sharing perspectives and success stories on the pivotal role of data reconciliation, simulation modeling, and metallurgical accounting in shaping the future of mining. Gain valuable insights to redefine your approach. 
  • Networking opportunities: connect with professionals and experts from across the mining industry. Share experiences, exchange ideas, and build relationships that can contribute to your professional growth and the success of your mining operations.
  • 20th anniversary celebration: join us in commemorating two decades of our company’s journey. Celebrate with a special cocktail reception, reflecting on the achievements and collaborations that have defined our success over the years. 

This conference is not just a celebration of our achievements but an opportunity to learn, collaborate, and envision the future of mining together. Join us to a conference on the path towards Intelligent Mining!

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