Webinar – Optimize piping networks sizing for non-Newtonian fluids

Nov 10, 2020 | Fluid mechanics

Learn how to calculate accurately pressure drops for fluids with non-Newtonian rheology with FLUIDFLOW software.  Join our French webinar, December 3th, 2020. 

The sizing of piping networks and associated equipment for flows of non-Newtonian fluids

Many industrial sectors use fluids with a complex microstructure: sludges, suspensions, food fluids, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, paints etc. The transport of these fluids can be problematic: risks of sedimentation, pipe clogging, mass setting, abrasion…

In order to ensure optimal design of piping systems and reduce installation costs, a good understanding of the rheological behaviour of these fluids is crucial. Viscosity is the most important rheological parameter to be taken into account for hydraulic calculations.

Unlike Newtonian fluids, non-Newtonian fluids have a viscosity that varies with shear rate. When designing a piping system for the flow of a non-Newtonian fluid, it is therefore essential to have sufficiently accurate rheology data.

How to optimize this type of fluid networks

Combining quality data with high-performance software will ensure the optimum sizing of pipes, pumps, valves and other equipment. On the contrary, insufficient rheological data can lead to project failure.

FLUIDFLOW software will help you to characterise your fluid based on rheometry data, saving you valuable time and ensuring accurate and optimal dimensioning of your installations. 



Based on a concrete case of a non-Newtonian fluid, it will be shown how to:
– draw the piping network;
model a new non-Newtonian fluid in the fluid database;
– define the operating conditions;
calculate pressure drops at any point in the network;

size piping networks and equipment;
– configure and generate a calculation note.


All types of flow networks for complex liquid or pasty fluids in chemistry, food processing, cosmetics, mineral industry… 


Marie-Amélie de Ville d’Avray, PhD

Doctor in Process Engineering, Marie-Amélie de Ville d’Avray joined CASPEO in 2005.

Since 2012, she has been leading training courses in the use of the FLUIDFLOW software and carries out dimensioning studies for fluid networks.

Calculate pressure drop in pipelines for non-Newtonian fluids with FLUIDFLOW software

FLUIDFLOW software enables to evaluate complex fluids flow systems at a whole.  With a unique tool, determine pressure losses and design flow distribution systems transporting non-Newtonian fluids, settling slurries… Automatically size piping networks and associated equipement, predict particle deposition velocities, prevent likelihood of pipe blockage, identify energy saving opportunities, determine slurry physical properties throughout entire system….

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