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Need to optimize your existing metallurgical accounting system, switch from spreadsheets or database-driven solution, implement a completely new solution… or just be curious?

Join our metallurgical accounting course and learn methods to improve the accuracy of your metal balances. Beyond the AMIRA P754 code of practice interpretation, the course presents all the steps required for implementing a full system. Ready for an exciting journey combining financial and technical challenges? Up to you to organize your time and your place to learn: it is a 100% online training course!

Improve metallurgical accounting, recovery rates and plant efficiency from mine to market

Since the beginning of the 2000s, mining and metallurgical companies are increasingly enhancing their environmental, social and governance processes due to exogen pressures. Among them, metallurgical accounting receives a growing focus because of the risks attached to inaccurate estimates of metal inventories and production that feed financial reports.

However, metal accounting is not just getting good figures and nice reports at the end of the month. It is a key tool for determining the real performances of a full production process from the mine to the final smelter and refinery. It helps to maximize the value of a company, increase process performances in terms of quantity and quality and ensure good practices.

Collect and aggregate data from various sources is not sufficient to provide accurate metal balances and comply with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley or with AMIRA P754 principles. Metal accounting is all about data quality. It requires skilled people that could understand sampling and measurement techniques and set procedures across the entire value chain to ensure operational excellence. Get comfortable with our metallurgical accounting course!

What you will learn in this course

  • Main principles of the AMIRA P754 code
  • Data reconciliation principles and advantages
  • Principles of measurement error calculation
  • Introduction to data reconciliation by material balance
  • Management of balance periods
  • Generation and analysis of basis data
  • Data reconciliation and analysis of reconciled data
  • Life cycle of balance data sets

A metal accounting course 100% online to learn at your own pace

  • Our online metal accounting course helps technical and financial teams as well as executive to understand the key points of mining production accounting and inventory management. It will give you a practical approach to move towards a compliant metal accounting system.
  • You will gain knowledge on sampling, measurement, and data reconciliation techniques. Through case studies, you will learn methods to improve the accuracy and the auditability of data. A review of the best practice recommended by the AMIRA P754 code for metallurgical accounting is also proposed.
  • Discover all the steps required for implementing a full metal accounting system through an example related to gold production. By attending our metallurgical accounting course, you will be sensitized to the main issues that affect metal production and inventories tracking and learn how to avoid them.


  • One 60-days access to our e-learning platform
  • Course developed by senior mineral processing and IT engineers experienced in the
      implementation of metallurgical accounting systems
  • Self-paced training to learn at your own pace
  • CASPEO certification
  • Great value and affordable price


Module 1 – What is metallurgical accounting

  • Importance of metal accounting
  • The AMIRA P754 code
  • Life cycle of a metallurgical accounting system

Module 2 – Data generation and management

  • Introduction to measurement error
  • Sampling error
  • Data storage and information systeml

Module 3 – Data reconciliation for mineral and metallurgical processes

  • Data reconciliation by material balance: case study
  • Data reconciliation by material balance: theory
  • Granularity increase – Flowsheet
  • Granularity increase – Material model

Module 4 – Inventory tracking

  • Stock management and inventory estimation
  • Accounting constraints and inventory periodicity

Module 5 – Data validation

  • Data workflow and validation

Module 6 – Implementation in a metal accounting solution

  • Integration in the information system
  • Demonstration with a gold plant in our INVENTEO solution
  • Tips: main feedback from previous projects


  • Resources and further readings

Intended audience

The metallurgical accounting course is addressed to all parties involved in production and inventory accounting in mining, minerals and metals operations.

No matter if you are not a process engineer or a metallurgist!

  • The production and laboratory teams
  • The top management
  • The financial division
  • The quality team
  • The IT department


  • Computing: use of spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel
  • Be involved/interested in material balance and metal accounting

Learn methods and techniques to increase the accuracy and the reliability of your metallurgical accounting data needed for both production management and financial reporting.

This metal accounting training course gives you the keys to:

  • Provide accurate and precise data for financial accounts
  • Track and quantify material flows, losses/gains and emissions
  • Improve efficiency and recovery rates
  • Identify and reduce production variabilities and bias
  • Better predict metal availabilities

Highly valued skills regarding growing focus on corporate governance! 

Online access

This training is a self-paced online course. It allows you to learn remotely at your own pace. This training is delivered through a true e-learning platform that can be accessed on any device with an internet connection.

You will receive one 60-days access to the course after validation of your payment.

Teaching methods

The approach is based on theory and real cases. It comprises pre-recorded videos and quizzs.

Software license

No software is used in this metal accounting course. In consequence, no software licence is granted to the trainee.

CASPEO certification

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate. You could easily download it on pdf or share it directly on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

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 Online: self-paced

i  CASPEO certification

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A metal accounting course recommended by 100% of our learners

customer satisfaction caspeo online training course mineral processing modeling and simulation with USIM PAC software

“Modular. Logical flow. Clear presentations.”

John Willis

SRK Consulting

“Learn to validate and reconcile metallurgical balance data, without using specialized metallurgical accounting programs.”

Edin Nilton Rodríguez Rivas


“Reconciliation procedure, step by step, until the end-of-month report. Cover the basics of Metal Accounting and Reconciliation (sampling). Thoughts on magnitude of analytical errors.”

Rodolfo Espinosa-Gomez


“Step by step explanation with case study.”

Ajit Kumar Swain

CSIR - National Metallurgical Laboratory (India)

Gain knowledge and insights with worldwide experts in metal accounting

During this training course, you will benefit of CASPEO worldwide expertise in metal accounting, sampling, and process optimization.

Marie-Véronique Durance

Your teacher

Marie-Véronique Durance  Co-Director CASPEO

Marie-Véronique DURANCE is graduated from the National Engineering School of Geology (Nancy-France) and from the Business Administration Institute (Nantes-France). Between 1991 and 2004 she worked for BRGM, the French Geological Survey, successively as Research engineer, Project Engineer and International Project manager, specialized in process modelling and simulation. 

In 2004, with Dr Stephane Brochot, she founded Caspeo, a spin-off of BRGM. Besides the general management of the Company, Marie-Véronique DURANCE is involved in plant optimization.

She has more than 20 years of experience in the implementation of intelligent metallurgical systems. She is one of the inventors of INVENTEO, CASPEO software for metal accounting.

At the end of our metallurgical accounting course, you will...

Know basic sampling, measurement, and data reconciliation techniques

Be able to improve your metal accounting reports and forecasts

Gain insights to optimize your process and launch a metal accounting project

Need to train a team to metal accounting and reconciliation?

Our metallurgical accounting course is available for team online as well as on site.

Face-to-face on-site

Live instructor-led sessions in face-to-face on-site: 1,5 days

Self-paced online

Self-paced learning online: +15 modules

A metallurgical accounting course to learn with experts
whenever and wherever you are


Start learning quickly

Begin immediately after buying and get 60-days access

Learn at your own pace

Access from anywhere at any time to our 100% online training courses

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Discover INVENTEO metallurgical accounting solution

With CASPEO, metal accounting means more than a software. That is why we provide training and support to your team as well as full audits and procedures. Get a full view of our INVENTEO met accounting offer and our multi-disciplinary approach from sampling to reporting. 


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Customized course

Don’t see the right course for you? We can customize existing programs or develop unique training to incorporate your specific needs.

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