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Process simulation software

USIM PAC enables to model and simulate in a single tool the whole industrial transformation raw materials. USIM PAC facilitates:
  • Mass, energy, water and CO2 balances
  • Industrial process audit
  • Plant optimisation or comparison of scenarios
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies

Thanks to its modular structure, USIM PAC includes various libraries of unit operation models dedicated to the following industrial fields:

USIM PAC for mineral processing

USIM PAC for food processing & biorefining

USIM PAC for waste & wastewater treatment

USIM PAC improves efficiency during process design, plant sizing, plant survey, process optimisation.

USIM PAC can also be very helpful for educational purpose or in the frame of R&D projects in process engineering.

Key benefits
  • Improved plant design: faster, more efficient
  • Reduction of operating and capital expenditures
  • Productivity increase
  • Fast evaluation of different configurations
  • Reduction of pilot and industrial tests
  • Evaluation of the process flexibility
  • Improvement of CO2 and energy balances, reduction of environmental impact
  • Improved capitalisation and transfer of knowledge

Main features
  • Graphical user interface
  • Built-in unit operation model libraries, including over 150 unit operation models
  • Mass balance and data reconciliation algorithm
  • Equipment sizing
  • Automated simulations for sensitivity analyses
  • Graphical results
  • Highly configurable results tables
  • Power and cost calculation tools

Industries of application
  • Mining and metallurgy
  • Industrial minerals
  • Food processing, biorefinery, biobased chemicals, chemical plants
  • Industrial and urban waste treatment
  • Wastewater treatment

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  • Watch the video of USIM PAC for mineral processing

  • Watch the video of USIM PAC for food processing and biorefining

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