Online course: modeling and simulation of mineral processing with USIM PAC software

Need to adapt over and over the mine-to-mill process? Do more with less? Don’t know how to begin, what process parameters to adjust? Process modeling and simulation constitute the most powerful methods to design, scale-up and upgrade processing plants.

Learn in this self-paced online course how to design and optimize step-by-step mining, mineral and metals processing plants
with USIM PAC, the most well-known mineral processing simulation software. Go to the next level with this practical online course in modeling and simulation of mineral processing!

Identify the best opportunities to meet current and future mining production requirements

Today, mining industry is facing many challenges: lower grades, more complex deposits, market demands variation… In an over changing environment, mineral and metal processing companies are pushed to experiment new operational strategies without impacting the production.

These require analysis tools to estimate different configurations and also skilled people who have a general overview of processes across the entire value chain, from ores to metal.

What you will learn in this course

  • Mineral processing flowsheeting
  • Process simulation
  • Circuit mass balancing (grinding, flotation…)
  • Equipement sizing (rod mill, ball mill, hydrocyclone…)
  • Investment cost calculation of a future mineral processing plant

A 100% online course based on case studies

  • By enrolling in this premium course, you will learn how to use modeling and simulation
      approaches to design and optimize your processes from real-world case studies.
  • During this training, you will have the opportunity to use USIM PAC engineering
    , a tool not developed for the chemical industry, but one dedicated to your
      processes, those of the metals and mining industries. One 60-days USIM PAC education
      licence (standalone) is
    included in the course.
  • Above all, this pratical training course give you the keys to understand and analyse
      complex processes
    , to minimize investment costs, to optimize plant production
      performance (recovery, product quality, etc.) and improve energy efficiency. Get the big
      picture, make informed and reliable decisions!

What about USIM PAC process simulation software

USIM PAC is the only on-premise simulator on the market able to model the entire mineral processing value chain: from crushing to refining, passing through grinding, magnetic and gravity separation, flotation, leaching and concentration.

USIM PAC is a pioneering process simulator used for 35 years by 300 customers across 55 countries. Among them the world’s top leading mining companies such as AngloAmerican, Glencore, Vale… >> Learn more here

Introduction -> Free Preview

Module 1 – Case study: preliminary design of a grinding and classification circuit

  • Introduction -> Free preview
  • Creation of a new project
  • Flowsheet drawing
  • Phase model definition
  • Feed stream configuration
  • Level 0 models assignment
  • Direct simulation
  • Simulation results analysis
  • Equipment sizing
  • Investment cost calculation

Module 2 – Case study: capacity increase of a grinding and flotation circuit

  • Introduction -> Free preview
  • Capacity increase methodology
  • Project creation and flowsheet preparation
  • Phase model definition
  • Stream data import
  • Unit operation models assignment
  • Missing streams initialisation
  • Errors initialisation
  • Data reconciliation
  • Models calibration (ball mill, hydrocyclone, flotation)
  • Simulation of the whole calibrated plant
  • Increasing the plant capacity

Intended audience

This course is for you if you wish to learn advanced mineral processing techniques and to discover a powerful process engineering simulation tool dedicated to the mining industry.

No matter if you are already a USIM PAC user or not! One 60-days USIM PAC education license (standalone) is included with the course access.

  • Process engineers (plants, engineering companies…)
  • R&D engineers
  • Scientists
  • Students


  • Computing: use of spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel
  • Process: basic notions on main equipment, physical and chemical processes

In this hands-on course, you will learn how to use modeling and simulation approaches to design and optimize mineral processes with USIM PAC software. 

This training course give you the keys to:

  • better monitor your process,
  • detect bottlenecks and solve problems,
  • test scenarios,
  • predict plant performances,
  • improve process understanding.

By enrolling in this course, you will learn process modeling and simulation with CASPEO experts with a software developped by them for 35 years: USIM PAC.

USIM PAC is an integrated software that allows to optimize mine-to-mill processes.

In a single interface, USIM PAC performs simulation, data reconciliation, mass balancing, flowsheeting, equipment sizing and sensitivity analysis.

Online access

This training is a self-paced online course. It allows you to learn remotely at your own pace. This training is delivered through a true e-learning platform that can be accessed on any device with an internet connection.

You will receive one 60-days access to the course after validation of your payment.

Teaching methods

The course is a practical course mainly based on case studies, video tutorials and quizzes.

Software license

The package includes one 60-days USIM PAC education license (standalone). This license is not applicable for consulting use.

CASPEO certification

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate. You could easily download it on pdf or share it directly on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

Coming soon


  • One 60-days access to our e-learning platform
  • One 60-days USIM PAC education license (standalone – not applicable for consulting use)
  • Substancial discount applicable for USIM PAC maintenance holders 
  • Course developed by senior mineral processing experts
  • Hands-on training based on case studies 
  • CASPEO certification

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}  + than 40 videos

v  English
      Subtitles in English, Spanish, French

 1280 € (excl. taxes) / person

 On demand

 Online: self-paced

i  CASPEO certification

 Secured payment by credit card or PayPal
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A training on a process simulation tool recommended by 100% of our learners

customer satisfaction caspeo online training course mineral processing modeling and simulation with USIM PAC software

“Excellent description of the software. The short videos are a good tool to undestand better.”

J.Francisco Garcia

Industrias Peñoles

“Training by examples and immersion.”

Project metallurgist

Philippines mining company

“Flowsheet creating. Resizing equipments. Defining stream components.”

Chemical Engineer


At the end of the course, you will...

Know modeling and simulation techniques

Have used the most-known mineral process simulation software USIM PAC

Be able to design and optimize your processing plant

Need to train a team?

Modeling and simulation of mineral processing course is available for team online as well as on site.

Face-to-face on-site

Live instructor-led sessions in face-to-face on-site: 3 days

Self-paced online

Self-paced learning online: +40 videos

Learn online from our experts whenever and wherever you are


Start learning quickly

Begin immediately after buying and get 60-days access

Learn at your own pace

Access from anywhere at any time to our 100% online training courses

Showcase your achievements

Completion certificate which you can share on your LinkedIn profile

Discover USIM PAC, process modeling and simulation software

Model in one platform nearly all the mine-to-mill processing operations
from crushing to refining passing through grinding, gravity and magnetic separation, flotation, leaching and concentration.

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Customized course

Don’t see the right course for you? We can customize existing programs or develop unique training to incorporate your specific needs.

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