CASPEO at the J3P day on hydrometallurgy

Nov 7, 2019 | News

CASPEO will participate at the next J3P scientific day on hydrometallurgical processing – Nancy (France), November 28, 2019. 

Hydrometallurgical processes for metal recovery and recycling

In a context of growing global demand for raw materials and stress on mineral resources, metal recovery and recycling are nowadays at the heart of industrial concerns and are of strategic interest.

Industrial and urban waste is a valuable secondary raw material (SRM). This resource is new and more complex to process than many minerals, with in particular new compositions and highly variable metal concentrations. In this context, hydrometallurgy is particularly suitable for the separation and purification of metals from complex matrices.

In order to exchange on recent industrial orientations and progress in this field, GdR Prometheus, the Reactions and Process Engineering Laboratory and Progepi are organising a scientific day on this theme at ENSIC school on Thursday 28 November 2019.

Main themes

  • The place of recycling in the metal value chain
  • Recent advances in recycling processes
  • New perspectives for hydrometallurgical processes

Modeling and simulation of hydrometallurgical processes to assess the feasibility of metal recovery

CASPEO will attend this scientific day. Come and hear Stéphane Brochot, Co-Director CASPEO, on modeling and simulation of hydrometallurgical processes.

The development of new technologies and the development of recycling and metal recovery processes raise questions about their technical and financial feasibility. Key recovery operations are associated upstream with operations to prepare the raw material from recycling and downstream with processes to shape the final product.

Process modeling and simulation techniques allow the assessment of the future treatment chain, its material and energy balance, as well as consumption and environmental impact, based on tests at laboratory level or in a pilot plant. The USIM PAC process modelling and simulation software will be presented through two examples of metal recovery from industrial waste and electronic boards.

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Registration and detailed program available on the event website

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