CASPEO is at Procemin-GEOMET 2023 in Chile

CASPEO is at Procemin-GEOMET 2023 in Chile

Sep 6, 2023 | News

CASPEO will be in Chile to present a paper at Procemin-GEOMET 2023, the 19th International Conference on Mineral Processing and Geometallurgy. The congress will be held on October, 4-6, 2023 at the Sheraton Hotel in Santiago de Chile.

Back to Chile to meet the mining community

CASPEO is happy to come back to this major congress in Chile. Procemin-GEOMET 2023 is a forum where professionals can learn and analyze best practices and innovations related to mineral processing and geometallurgy in metallic and non-metallic mining.

The conference Procemin-GEOMET 2023 is in presential with plenary sessions, technical talks, networking and so on, all in English with Spanish translation.

manuel gonzalez caspeo

Manuel González Fernández from CASPEO will represent us during the whole event. He will present a paper related on process simulation and water management.

Learn how to model and simulate solid-liquid separation processes: from process design to optimization

CASPEO will present a paper related to different solid-liquid separation and water treatment models. It will shown how to model and simulate them for process design and optimization perspectives. Processes that will be discussed are: thickening, filtration, dissolved air flotation, reverse osmosis, membrane filtration or ion exchange resins.

Two different case studies are shown:

  • The first one is devoted to the design of a dry-tailings plant
  • the second one is focused on the treatment of process water to improve its quality before reusing it in the flotation circuit

Know more about our news in mineral processing and geometallurgy

Join us to discover our expertise in mineral processing and geometallurgy:

  • Modeling, design, optimization of mineral processes
  • Mineral sampling
  • Prediction of process performance
  • Geometallurgical characterization and modelling
  • Metallurgical balance and reconciliation

 We are addressing processes such as: 

  • Cominution: crushing, grinding, SAG, HPGR
  • Classification, screening and mineral sorting,
  • Flotation: fundamentals, reagents and industrial applications,
  • Sold-liquid separation and tailings retreatment 

Interested by solid-liquid separation process modelling and simulation?

Don’t hesitate to arrange a meeting with CASPEO experts during the Procemin-GEOMET 2023.

CASPEO is at Procemin GEOMET 2023, the international conference in mineral processing and geometallurgy in Chile

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