CASPEO is participating to Geologia, Geoscience exhibition

Nov 4, 2019 | News

Geologia is the French exhibition where students and geoscience companies meet. Join CASPEO in Nancy (France), November 14, 2019. 

The place where students and geoscience companies meet

Every year, Geologia is the place to be for geoscience students and young graduates. Organized by ENSG, France’s leading Grande École in Geosciences, it is a place to be for information, discussion and recruitment.

Water, environment, energy, mines, geotechnics and digital geology, all sectors of geosciences are represented at Geologia! The forum also hosts ten French engineering schools and universities.

CASPEO is hiring process engineers, full-time and traineeships!

Visit CASPEO booth to discover our company. Our process engineering experts will be at your disposal to explain our job. Come to speak with them and feel our spirit ! Discover CASPEO unique approach from sampling, data reconciliation to mass balancing and process modeling… Let’s go beyond process simulation!

  • 1 Business engineer in process engineering: see the job description
  • 2 traineeships for master’s degrees in process engineering: visit our booth

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