CASPEO organizes a short course on metal accounting at COM 2022

Jun 27, 2022 | News

CASPEO organizes a short course on metal accounting at the 61st Annual Conference of Metallurgists, COM 2022.  The course is presented prior to the start of the conference at the Hotel Bonaventure, Montreal, Quebec on Sunday 21srt August. It is not mandatory to register for the conference to purchase the short course.

Metallurgical accounting: key points to implement an efficient system

A metal accounting system is the key tool for determining the real performances of a metallurgical installation and achieving operational excellence from the mine to the final smelter and/or refinery. Before implementing a dedicated software, several key subjects must be properly addressed such as high-quality sampling and accurate measurements, adapted stock management, selection of the appropriate flowsheet or rigorous data storage. 

The short course proposed by CASPEO is an introduction to the main principles and interests of a metallurgical accounting system. It presents a practical approach for the implementation of the different tools leading to the establishment of a complete metallurgical accounting system.

During the course, you will understand the importance of data reconciliation and learn keys to get consistent data for the main KPIs calculation. At the end of the course, a demonstration of the INVENTEO metal accounting solution will be provided.

Enroll to this short course! Gain or update your skills on metallurgical accounting! Learn methods to improve the accuracy of a metal accounting report. Be sensitized to the main issues that affect the metal accounting and know how to avoid them. Come and have the opportunity to learn from industry experts in metallurgical accounting.

What is Metal Accounting?

  • Importance of metal accounting
  • The AMIRA P754 Code of practice for metal accounting

Data generation and management

  • Measurement and sampling errors – Main points of theory
  • Data storage and information system

Data Reconciliation for mineral and metallurgical processes

  • Example and theory
  • Improvement with granularity

Inventory tracking

  • Stock management
  • Periodicity and scenarios

Implementation in INVENTEO metal accounting solution

  • Data workflow and validation
  • Generation of a metallurgical accounting report: case study
  • Review the best practice for metal accounting
  • Understand the key points to implement an efficient metallurgical accounting system

Intended audience

  • Process and production engineers
  • Financial managers
  • Laboratory managers
  • Quality controllers
It is not mandatory to register for the conference to purchase the short course.

} 08:00-14:30

v English

$500 Regular, $250 for Students

August 21, 2022


COM 2022 conference – Montreal       (Canada)


Marie-Véronique Durance

Your instructor: Marie-Véronique Durance  Co-Director CASPEO

During the course, you will have the opportunity to learn with an industry expert, Marie-Véronique Durance, CASPEO Co-Director.

She has led many metallurgical accounting projects all over the world. She is one of the inventors of INVENTEO, CASPEO solution for metal accounting. Don’t hesitate to challenge her!

What about COM 2022 

The annual conference of Metallurgists is an annual event organized by MetSoc, one of the four societies making up the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, and Petroleum (CIM). COM is considered the main event for metallurgists and material science professionals in Canada. Every year, the conference hosts around 800 delegates from all over the world.

In 2022, the conference will be held in Montreal, Quebec from August 21-24. To celebrate the return of our in-person conference, COM 2022 will offer in addition to the plenary sessions, networking events, interactive workshops​ and more. As usual, COM also organizes short courses prior to the event.  

You dream to implement a true metal accounting system? Solve issues to your current system?

Metallurgical accounting systems enhance production and inventory data along the mining value chain. However, collect and aggregate data from various sources is not sufficient to provide a reliable metal accounting system. INVENTEO, CASPEO metal accounting solution, do more than many metal accounting solutions by improving data quality thanks to robust data reconciliation algorithms.

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