CASPEO unveils new logo to celebrate its 15th anniversary. Let’s go beyond process simulation!

Jul 24, 2019 | News

We reveal this week a new logo. To celebrate our 15th anniversary, we give a new interpretation of CASPEO identity.

New logo, new identity, new website to reflect what we are today. Let’s go beyond process simulation!



Created in 2004, CASPEO is a spin-off of BRGM, the French geological survey.  The idea was to bring to the mining industry methods and computational tools of years of research. This is how we became a reference in the mineral industry.

Based on our experience with solids, we have transferred our approach to any process industry dealing with materials that are difficult to model: ores, food and feed, waste, mixtures… Expert in solids processing, today CASPEO serves various markets such as mining and metallurgy, biomass and food processing, solid waste treatment…

The new logo reflects an updated positioning of CASPEO according to the addressed markets. More modern, more dynamic, the identity also underlines its extended offer in process engineering with a new promise: beyond process simulation.

In fact, CASPEO know-how consists not only on process modeling and simulation. We can propose to ours customers sampling, data reconciliation, mass balancing, metallurgical accounting and piping network design solutions. Software publisher, we also deliver engineering consulting services as well as training courses.

Turn operational data into valuable information. We aim to empower engineers and scientists’ decision with a unique approach based on material and process modeling.

To reflect its new positioning, we launch at the same time a new website. In English for now, it will be translated in French and Spanish in the forthcoming months to address CASPEO worldwide customers.

The new logo design

The pictogram represents the C and the O of CASPEO name. Its shape looks like infinity symbol illustrating the “beyond” tagline.

Squared, the pictogram reflects both flow notion and scientific rigor of process engineering.

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