Course: data reconciliation by mass balancing with BILCO software

Process follow-up and process modeling require a reliable and accurate set of data to give a clear picture of operating conditions and enable accurate process simulation. Data reconciliation by mass balancing aims to enhance the quality of raw measured data by reducing random errors in order to make them consistent with the material balance. Discover how BILCO software can help you to solve mass balance calculation, analyze and improve your plant performance.

Data reconciliation, a key step to monitor, control and optimize a process

Process data are not accuratly measured, or even not-measured. Like every measurement, they are subjected to errors and deviations. Measurement uncertainty could affect the performance of a plant. Industrial process data validation and reconciliation techniques, also called DVR, enable to work from reliable data by exploiting the redundancy property of measurements and the material conservation laws.

BILCO software computes coherent material balances from all the available data for all the process streams. It allows determination in quantity and quality of the composition of each stream, improves the accuracy of measurements and determines unmeasured values. Ready to turn data into insights?



What is data reconciliation?

  • Mass balance through an example
  • Necessary data: material description, experimental measurements, material conservation constraints
  • Notion of measurement error
  • BILCO reconciliation algorithm
  • Results analysis

Case study: global plant analysis

  • Initialization and data input functions
  • Implementation of the calculation algorithm
  • Results display and interpretation

Case studies

  • Mass balancing computation on complex industrial cases
  • Chemistry-mineralogy reconciliation
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Recycling
  • Customized cases

Intended audience

  • Process engineers
  • Operation engineers and technicians
  • Yield enhancement engineers
  • Students concerned by mass balancing problems (mineral processing, waste, food, chemical…)


  • Process: basic notions on main equipment, physical and chemical process
  • Initiation to BILCO mass balance calculator
  • Establish material balance sheets consistent with the laws of conservation of the material (the balance sheets “loop”)
  • Learn how to improve the quality of the measured data
  • Training is based on documents given to the trainees
  • Using the reconciliation software BILCO , trainees will apply the theory to solve material balance problems


  • BILCO standalone license provided for the course duration
  • 7% discount applicable for BILCO maintenance holders
  • Approach based on real cases
  • Training in French or English or Spanish

Download pdf (with registration form)

Available on-site for teams

} 2 days

v English or French or Spanish

3230 € (excl. taxes) / team
     (max 5 people)

 On demand, at your preferred
(subject to confirmation) 


CASPEO center – Orléans (France)

i  CASPEO certification



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Training a team?

Data reconciliation by mass balancing course is also proposed in intra-company mode. It could be run at a location that better suits you.
This training course could also be customized to address your company’s interests.

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Customized course

Don’t see the right course for you? We can customize existing programs or develop unique training to incorporate your specific needs.

Discover BILCO, data reconciliation by mass balance software

Automatically derive an overall mass balance of your industrial process.

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