Course: pressure drop calculation with FLUIDFLOW software

Still using spreadsheet or free pipe sizers to design your piping networks? Boost your pressure drop calculation expertise with FLUIDFLOW pressure drop calculator. Learn how to size pipes, pumps, fans, compressors or valves in a few clicks for liquids, gas, two-phase, slurry or non-Newtonian fluid systems.

Optimize pipe sizing to save energy and money

Calculations help to better understand a system, to predict its behavior and to optimize it. Fluid mechanics is no exception. Whether you are part of an engineering company, an industrial plant or equipment manufacturers, you need to quickly design and analyze incompressible or compressible fluid flow systems. A way to save energy and money for you or your customers ? Use a pipe flow and pressure drop calculator.

Learn pipe design and friction loss calculations with FLUIDFLOW software. Explore in the same time the main equations and concepts in fluid mechanics (Bernoulli, Reynolds number, Hazen Williams formula, Darcy Weisbach equations…).


Software Overview

  • Basic equations and theoretical concepts
  • Flowsheet building, data input, results display and analysis
  • Main functionalities of the software for incompressible fluids calculations

Advanced use

  • Database management (fluids, equipment, pipes, valves, materials…)
  • Heat transfer calculation
  • Mixing of fluids
  • Compressible flow
  •  two-phase liquid/gas

Non-Newtonian & Settling Slurry calculation

  • Non-Newtonian/non-settling liquids: theoretical concepts implemented in the software
  • Case studies with non-Newtonian fluids
  • Case studies with settling slurries

Intended audience

  • Engineers or technicians in charge of piping design and fluid networks optimization


  • Basic knowledge of fluid mechanics
  • Discover FLUIDFLOW functionalities for piping network design and pressure loss calculation
  • Learn how to manage systems design and optimization for incompressible, compressible, two-phase, non-Newtonian, settling slurry pipe flow
  • Using the pipe flow and pressure drop calculator FLUIDFLOW, trainees will apply the theory to solve industrial case studies.


  • One free-14 day FLUIDFLOW license (standalone) granted to the trainee
  • Approach based on real cases
  • Training in French 

Download pdf (with registration form)

Available on-site for teams

} 1 day

v French

1615 € (excl. taxes) / team
     (max 5 people)

 On demand, at your preferred
(subject to confirmation) 


CASPEO center – Orléans (France)

i  CASPEO certification

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Training a team?

Pressure drop calculation with FLUIDFLOW software course is also proposed in intra-company mode. It could be run at a location that better suits you. This training course could also be customized to address your company’s interests.

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Customized course

Don’t see the right course for you? We can customize existing programs or develop unique training to incorporate your specific needs.

Discover FLUIDFLOW pipe flow and pressure drop calculator

FLUIDFLOW is a fluid mechanics software to size pipes and calculate the pressure drop in fluids networks. The only pipe flow calculator to manage in a single interface any fluid.

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