Case studies – How design hydraulic fire protection systems with FLUIDFLOW software

Feb 26, 2021 | Fluid mechanics

Engineers use FLUIDFLOW pressure drop software to design and develop sprinkler systems, deluge systems, foam solutions systems, firewater ringmain systems. Let’s discover FLUIDFLOW hydraulic calculations software for fire sprinkler systems.

FLUIDFLOW lets you perform hydraulic analysis of fire protection systems and ensure you develop your design in compliance with the requirements of the NFPA guidelines. FLUIDFLOW is therefore ideal for modelling of fluid behaviour within complex piping systems for applications such as petrochemical plants, power plants, refineries, ships, FPSO’s, airport facilities, and offshore platforms.

FLUIDFLOW is provided with a database of sprinklers, hydrants, pipe materials, pumps, valves and you can also add new components to this database, a task which you only need to perform once as they will be stored for all your future design projects.

When determining pipe pressure losses, engineers can choose from either the Hazen Williams or Darcy-Weisbach friction loss models.

The unique features within FLUIDFLOW allow engineers to automatically size pipes, pumps, control valves orifice plates and a range of other equipment items. This in turns helps speed up the design process saving you time and resources. Users have reported saving up to 40% time and capital expenditure per project by switching from other competitor software products to FLUIDFLOW.


Looking for an hydraulic calculations software for fire sprinkler systems?

FLUIDFLOW allows you to design and model accurate fire protection systems. It will automatically size pipes, pumps, control valves and orifice plates. The overall design approach applied to your fire protection systems is simplified and the design time required is reduced significantly.

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